Earthquake Report Part 2

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I just got off the phone with Bob Davey who is at in Las Catalinas and was there when the earthquake happened.   The quake lasted for about 30 seconds and was VERY strong.   Everyone and everything at Las Catalinas is safe and sound.   Bob toured all the houses at Las Catalanas looking for damage along with Marco Beeche.   They did not see any structural damage.   The buildings are fine.   Costa Rica earthquake codes are very strict and   it is paying off.     The damage is limited to some broken art objects, a glass shower door in one house, and some loose roof tiles on one house.

I do not have much information about the surrounding areas.   Bob has not left Las Catalinas.   He hears that:

  • Power is off everywhere
  • Roads heading down to the beach areas are closed because of the tsunami alert.

I have to suspect that there is damage to older buildings in the area, but no news on that yet.

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