Earthquake Report, Part 3

By 5 September, 2012 2 Comments
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Here are some more odds and ends of news:

The power is back on   at Las Catalinas – I must say that is faster than expected.

The tsunami alert has been cancelled.

At Las Catalinas we are sending some of the staff home early to be with their families and check on their homes.   Everyone is nervous!

The Liberia airport is without damage and is operating normally.

Route 27, the new toll road between San Jose and Caldera is closed with a huge landslide.

I still await more news of our immediate neighboring towns of Potrero and Flamingo, but I do not believe there are any injuries or fatalities from the quake.   In the whole country so far there are reports of two fatalities, and perhaps some dozens of injuries – I have not seen any official totals.

This really was a huge quake.   It was initially reported at magnitude 7.9, but that appears to be revised to 7.6.   Costa Rica should be proud to be weathering it so well.   By comparison, the very deadly Haiti earthquake of 2010 was magnitude 7.0, the Northridge quake in Los Angeles that did $20 billion of damage and killed 57 people was a 6.7 and the great San Francisco earthquake of 1906 that destroyed over 80% of the city is estimated to have been between 7.7 to 7.9.

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