Final Earthquake Report

By 6 September, 2012 One Comment
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Our Sales Director Tom Burton told me today “it is amazing how quickly things return to normal.   Life in and around Las Catalinas does seem to be pretty much back to normal for most folks.

Here is a good summary I found at Huffington Post this morning.   I am really SO impressed with how well Costa Rica handled this very large earthquake!

“The bulletins were terrifying: a powerful earthquake had struck off the coast of this Central American country, spawning a tsunami warning and bringing fears of widespread catastrophe.

But Costa Rica suffered remarkably little damage from Wednesday’s magnitude-7.6 quake – a few blocked highways, some collapsed houses and one death, of a heart attack caused by fright. Officials credited the relatively deep location of the quake and building codes that Costa Rican officials call as strict as those in California and Japan…

The relatively little damage was due in large part to strict building codes in Costa Rica, a country that has long enjoyed more stability, better governance and stronger economic development than many of its Central American neighbors, said Olman Vargas, president of the national College of Architecture and Engineering.”

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