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Las Catalinas Bike Trails Better Than Ever

By 29 June, 2013 No Comments
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The Las Catalinas mountain bike trail network as of June, 2013

The Las Catalinas mountain bike trail network as of June, 2013

We have recently made some additions to the Las Catalinas mountain bike trail system.  We now have 13 kilometers of bike trail.  A route to ride them all adds up to 19.5 kilometers (doing some sections in both directions).  The trails are in great shape –  better than ever as the return of moisture has allowed our trail building crew to re-compact some areas that were getting loose after the long dry season.  There is a new section of trail heading up and over on the Sugar Beach side of Las Catalinas all the way to the Zapotal Valley.  This newest section gets to some of our most beautiful forest and best wildlife areas.  The trail connects to the Zapotal Valley road which also opens up all kinds of riding options in the Zapotal area without riding up and over the very steep “Muro de Los Lamentos” (Wailing Wall) on the road.

Whether for biking, hiking, running, or nature watching the Las Catalinas trail system is one of the most important things for many Las Catalinas visitors, including me.  My advice – go early, when it is cool, quiet, and the animals are most active.

Check out the updated  Mountain Biking page of the website for photos, video, and links to maps.

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