Sala IV Dismisses Case Against Las Catalinas

By 30 October, 2012 4 Comments
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On Friday October 26th the Sala IV court dismissed the case against Las Catalinas.   Construction at Las Catalinas had been halted since August 3rd while the court investigated accusations made against Las Catalinas and various government agencies (previous blog post on this here).

We have not yet received the details of the court ruling, but we do know from the court website that the charges against us have been dismissed and found to be without merit.

I thank the Las Catalinas staff and advisors who have worked diligently with the court to help bring the relevant facts to light.

We thank the local community, which has been unwavering in its support of Las Catalinas throughout this process.

We thank the government agencies that have been required to produce detailed testimony and evidence during this process and have done so in a timely and accurate manner.

We thank the property owners and buyers who are in the process of buying property at Las Catalinas, all of whom have stuck with us throughout this process.

At this moment I’d also like to reaffirm Las Catalinas’ commitment to being a positive influence in Costa Rica.   We run the Las Catalinas organization according to a set of Core Values and Beliefs that I have been using since the founding of MindSpring in 1994.   Largely these CV&Bs have to do with honesty, integrity, and respect for the individual.   However, there are two Core Values and Beliefs that are new for Las Catalinas, and I’d like to talk about the first of those.   It says: “We love Costa Rica and will be a positive influence in the country.”   We are very serious about this.   Costa Rica is a small country, but in many ways its importance far exceeds its size.   It is a beacon of hope and an example of success within Central America, Latin America, and even the world as a whole.   It is a place of tremendous and important biodiversity.   It is a fundamentally decent country that places a high value on important things like education, health care, and the environment.

Of course, Costa Rica does face challenges.   Among those are issues of urban sprawl, environmental damage, and poverty.   I believe Las Catalinas can and is making substantial contributions towards solutions on all of those fronts.

We are championing a healthy alternative to urban sprawl by showing how wonderful and successful a well-planned and beautiful walkable town can be.  I think we can change the development paradigm in Guanacaste and maybe the whole country for the better.  I hope that in fifty or a hundred years when people come to Guanacaste they will find a series of beautiful, prosperous walkable towns, each surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape – not a landscape of urban sprawl.   I think Las Catalinas’ example can go a long way towards making that happen.   The environmental and social benefits would be huge.

Las Catalinas is and will be a very important driver in increasing the quality of life in the surrounding communities.   Of course we are creating jobs, paying taxes, and having a direct impact on the economy of our area, but we are also harnessing the skills and resources of our company to make direct contributions to local infrastructure, environmental health, and education.   (More details here.)

If you have not had a chance to visit at Las Catalinas we invite you to do so.   You do not need an invitation, or a reservation.  You don’t need to buy anything.   We will be happy to see you.   To quote from our new signs that we are installing at the edge of town:

“Welcome to Las Catalinas, a new town located here on Playa Danta.   Las Catalinas is a town of houses, stores, restaurants, inns and hotels, parks and plazas.   What you see here today is just the beginning.   Las Catalinas is intended to be a place for walking, and much of the town will be car-free.    

Las Catalinas welcomes everyone who shares our values of respect, honesty, and love.   Please enjoy walking our streets and plazas, visit our stores and restaurants, and enjoy the nature that surrounds us.   We are glad you are here!”

Charles Brewer

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