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Living in Las Catalinas
19 June, 2014

New Las Catalinas Time Zone

At Las Catalinas the first hours of daylight are the best time for outdoor activities.  For land activities like hiking and biking it is best because the sun is not yet hot, the sky is nearly always clear, the air is fresh, it is the best time for seeing wildlife, and, well, it is…
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4 October, 2011

Recent Newletter on Fun at Las Catalinas

I'm just remembering that I never posted our last newsletter here on the blog.   Here it is.   Also you can see its fully illustrated glory here. ------------------------------------- At home in Atlanta, I work out.   At home in Las Catalinas, I never think about working out. I'm too busy having fun! I…
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Getting to Las CatalinasLocal AreaRecreation
27 August, 2010

Las Catalinas’ Special Guanacaste Visitor’s Guide

August 26, 2010 - A work in progress...   Introduction I'm writing this idiosyncratic guide for friends who are planning to visit the Guanacaste area of Costa Rica near Las Catalinas.   Once we have the first buildings finished at Las Catalinas and we are up and running my recommendations will be greatly simplified!…
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22 May, 2010


On my last couple of trips to Las Catalinas our guests and I have gotten a chance to try paddleboarding.   Paddleboarding is a fast growing sport that is making converts of kayakers, surfers, and newcomers to water sports.   To do it you stand up on what looks like a large surfboard.  …
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